Saturday, August 28, 2010

Art by Selma Brown

Madonna and Child by Selma Brown

Mirror by Selma Brown

painting by Selma Brown

Circles by Selma Brown

Rooster by Selma Brown

Angel by Selma Brown

All art is available for sale! Contact Selma at for details.


  1. thanks for introducing us to Selma. Her art is wonderful. I love the way she works with color!

  2. Tammie, thanks so much for visiting Cole Valley Art Blog! Selma is a great artist. I'm lucky she is my neighbor, friend and mentor! Stay tuned because I am planning to interview her soon and we'll show more of her art.

  3. Selma this work is just a teensy part of your collection- can't wait to see the rest - it's been way too long in coming!
    Mission Fugitive Agent

  4. The Mother and child show us a great devotion; the Mirror illustrates a young love, and the Circles playfully bring joy into our lives. What more could we ask of an artist? Thank you Selma.


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